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however, the obstruction be of long standing, the presence of the dilated

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in the larger nodules of two cases) may possibly have a causal relation

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Btiology. — The predisposing causes of acute gastric catarrh em-

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may arrest the plasmodial growth. For the development and propagation

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These pupillary changes may come on early or late. Strabismus is fre-

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common ; and I have seen one case in which spongy, easily-bleeding

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practitioner often meets with cases of peritonitis in which these pyogenic

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(Quincke and Roos). The ameba is found not only in the discharges,

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ilightly. In the majority of cases there are disseminated throughout

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heart-sounds are inaudible over the tumor-site as a rale, and the brettb-

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(4) Government Inspection of Dairies and Blaaghter-hoiueB. — This is

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and decomposition of albuminous substances, the products of which

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ShfijtJe pneumothorax is, however, of rare occurrence. The air that

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(/)) A lesion involving the angular gyrus and adjacent parts will cause

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The latter is manifested by the obtunding of the senses ; in fact, the

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times a considerable quantity of albumin, due to the presence of pus or

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(8) Secondary Deviation. — " If the sound eye is prevented from see-

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(Fox). On auscultation rhonchi of various forms and moist riles ue

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abnormally acute, so that objects, and even persons, can be recognized

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mitral disease it may come on before the rupture occurs. Beyond the

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Diagnosis. — The appearance of the several forms of acute tonsil-

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of influenza an<l whooping-cough. I have, moreover, been able to con-

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but albuminuria does not occur, except as a complication.

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ing. As soon as the belly- walls become moderately tense fluctuation is

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so-called functional albuminuria, the cyclic variety, and those associated

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existing tuberculous focus. The fever rises high, and is apt to be irregu-

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designate the case. Of the above types, as stated in the life-history of