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ward Randall and others, together with the .corps of school
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use of the scientific pages of the medical journals for the
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a kidney-bean, nine sixteenths of an inch in length, and seven sixteenths
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nished in size by interstitial absorption ; the internal cuneiform, the os
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they are with gutta-percha tissue, are free from the objections
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the re-vaccinated were chiefly children, the proportion of cases in which the
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part of the patient of abdominal pain, to hiccough, to
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products of these deranged metamorphoses become real
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point of a mechanic and engineer, he considers the ear merely
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he has earned for himself a title not less noble, not less dignified than that
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Again reverting to our theory, a plausible answer is
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State Board of Health, based on the sickness statistics, shows
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matter, and vice versd. (Sir Benjamin illustrated this fact by the case of
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temperature, banning without apparent cause, neuralgia of
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faces was noticed in many cases, and also the spread of the
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avoiding summing up. although I think a decided antecedent
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will he account for cases of this kind caused by balls or portions of shell
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bladder was flushed at any time. There was no apparent
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of the U. S. Marine-Hospital Service, reached the Coast
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that plague made its appearance in the large cities of Austra-
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to the action of the muscles, so that a considerable degree of obliquity or
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dition is clearly that of starvation and irritation which
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Cask 10. — Operator, Abbe, 1890 Dorsal region ; extradural sar-
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Position of Patient During Delivery. W. D. Porter, Cincinnati.
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of symptoms led me to make an analysis of the stomach con-
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belonging to man into four classes : the first containing the unimportant
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We notice various errors, in the orthography of proper names more
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ratus, afforded great facility in many of these operations. Thetole of the
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became alarmed and wired for her son. A little later
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with fresh intensity. He utlered cries during the night, jerking back his
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axilla by the finger or vectis. Paralysis may be coincident but
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many others without the least benefit, but in dividing it in a radiated man
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over females with this infirmity and believes that the cause
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tumour on the shoulder, and twenty-four hours afterwards only a few air-
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