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iongestive stage, the topical use of ice, allowed to slowly dissolve in the

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* The American Year-Book of Medicine and Surgery^ 1897, p. 576.

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loou pain. The pain is usually of a dull, aching character, and less fre-

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acute endocarditis due to other causes. (6) It may be a part of a

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Dettrich and Osier have each reported an instance of a goitrous

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in mild types a lighter hue. The brain-tissue is often anemic, and

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Definition. — An acute infectious disease of which the definitive

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cating the public as to the availability of prenatal, delivery and post partum care,

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up to the fiftieth or even the sixtieth year. During the first year of

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The physical signs by which acute endocarditis is recognizable are

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pain, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea. The temperature may be quite

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common for the same reason in carcinoma, tuberculosis, paralysis, chronic

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drinking-water. The poison is feebly communicable by contact.

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In the absence of hemorrhage we may, however, infer the al together

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temized a case of diabetic neuritis which showed a zone of degeneration

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of crusts, dust, dried blood, etc. should be removed from the nose twice

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the two, the centrifugal fiber, extends to the surface and terminates in

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Auscultation. — A systolic apex-murmur Soft systolic murmur at apex (miTl**.

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nence, a maculo-petechial eruption appearing between the third and

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second dose of some gentle purgative has been followed by happy re-

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Diagnosis. — Upon examining the mouth and noting the ch&raaer-

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diagnosis is easily made. The fact must be emphasized that broncho-

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Striimpell, who advances the view that there is an acute inflammation of

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resulting from the infectious fevers (typhoid, diphtheria, variola, typhus.

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and when it does it is the most fatal of all the diseases of childhood

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mation is advancing there may be noted, beyond the border of the latter,

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trunk receive the eruption in the order of mention. The whole phvsi-

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this can be answered (in the organic cases), since the lesion is demonstra-

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toms become more marked as the unopposed adductors undergo second-

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a grave type. Hence in childhood typhoid gives the most favorable

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may simultaneously injure the eleventh and twelfth nerves.

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means of the spray sedatives and narcotics should be preferred, and a

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of tuberculosis that climate is most suitable in which the patient ^^ feels

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The treatment is similar to that of primary lobar pneumonia^