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the deltoid muscle ; about the middle of the outer surface of the upper
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This may either be symptomatic of other affections {e, g. diabetes mdt
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to stimulate nutrition, and purgatives occasionally relieve pressure-symp-
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near the pyloric end of the stomach, could be readily grasped. In w-
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the history of primary carcinoma elsewhere in the body, the age of the
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ally occurs in the morning hours, though the time of onset is by do
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from parallelism with that of the sound eye is termed the primary
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tissue. Organization of these products of inflammation into connective
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occur sporadically or in epidemics, or may even assume pandemic pro-
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hence need not be described here. The blood, it should be pointed ont,
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symptoms of typhoid fever (the typical temperature-curve, swelling of
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a ureter from within the pelvis. Pressore-necroeis and perforation may
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vaselin or lanolin into the red area and into the adjoining healthy skin,
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entirely liquid, beginning with peptonized milk, koumiss, or light broths,
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in the throat and the desire to clear the throat of sticky mucus by
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but one. The amount of urea is constantly diminished, owing to the
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tical with those of carcinoma elsewhere ; they are epithelial in ^arac-
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flushed cheeks gradually become dusky, the face expressionless, and the
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symptoms indicate meningitis. The diagnosis of meningitis as a com-
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egophony). This is best obtained near the upper level of the fluid in
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^ Jfnimal of the American Medical Ansociatioiij July 22, 1893.
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exercises a striking palliative influence. In occasional instances the
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recover. A child who has had diphtheria once is most likely to contract
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nourisliiiient (scraped meat, etc.) may be given. After the crisis a
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points of pain in this variety are the supra-orbital foramen (the exit of
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and red granular " kidney, may be caused by hydronephrosis, chronic
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a petechial eruption, and by the absence of edema of the extremities
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ComplicatioiiS. — ^In severe cases the complications are likely to be
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igieal treatment, often terminates unfavorably by gradual asthenia.
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f'o0Mf/jfft/ft4 KUr4^jmM 'jf Ttmper^tmrt.. — After bodi the erening
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the latter referring to an increase in the number of the parenchymatous
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m>lar plexus and semilunar ganglia of the abdominal sympathetic, and
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the disease are more apt to be operative in the former sex.
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Eten it is discovered postmortem^ not having been suspected during