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ciated with d3^sentery, typhus or t3'phoid fever, and any disease, claims

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the trunk of the nerve between its points of entrance into the brain wall and the

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produced. It is noteworthy that a distinct outline or a super-

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may be, to distinguish the affection from visceral neuralgias is impossible,

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fever. It remains to notice other points, belonging to the clinical history,

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any proper tunics. The following- questions naturally occur con-

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tures. The brain stem was then cut into three pieces, measured


rience has led me to the conclusion at which Bretonneau, Graves, Briquet,

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to follow this plexus for any considerable distance, especially in

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heart. It also arises from over-distension and dilatation of the right side

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the career of the disease. Other ataxic S3-mptoms, such as subsultus and

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pathological study on this wonderful cell and its synapse, the

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(pre-oral pit) is shown on the outside of the head in the position

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ablutions have been employed. All articles of clothing Avorn during the

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ficial in obstinate cases. The constant current has been found, also, highly

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gradually carrying in before it, at the point at which it en-

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the skin was moderately red, in the little intervals between the

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plan of treatment than when an expectant or eclectic plan was adopted,

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ma}^ be dangerous to himself or others. After recovery of the mental fac-

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f . The nerve supply of the palate. The nerve supply of the

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sinuous veins in the interior of the penis, may be also called the

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record, are calculated to shew widi great precision, the ob-

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netz' pervades the whole gray and white matter and fills the space

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ledge that we cannot see the utility of a descriptive character

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cicatrices over the ends of the two bones, one of them being

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proportion of cases, lassitude, loss of appetite, and general malaise exist

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from external injury, as I think 1 have seen some in which this

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the more the laws of health are observed. Avoidance, as far as possible,

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would communicate to him my views of the case, and assist him

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or by throwing back a portion of it towards the main trunks,

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and to a group of smaller cells situated directly above and median to the sensory

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ence of bruit de soufflet in the enlarged arteries of the uterus.

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brane into^ which liemorrhage takes place from the newl}^ formed vessels,

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The thigh bone of the opposite side was then examined

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would be excited by the presence of something therein, or by