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nomena (rigor, cough, rusty expectoration, intense chest-pain, etc.), and
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)re8ence of a tumor, especially if the latter be elongated and lies trans-
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it may even Be subnormal. Deep morning remissions may be observed.
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Diagnosis. — It is of paramount importance to consider the previous
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cinoma was present in about 14 percent. Sex has little if any influence.
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rapidity of onset — by the fact that pressure-palsies are almost invari-
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Blood. — An examination of the blood will in many cases show an in-
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cases the patients had been ]>ainters or workers in lead. He also showed
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ular, and not so thick or tenacious. Microscopically, a positive diagnosis
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ated, they usuallv begin toward the summit of the upper lobe. Another
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in absence of the antifermentative (HCl) and the stagnation of food.
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It supplies the triceps and supinator muscles, and is the extensor nerve
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Recurrences. — The term recurrence should be applied only to
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hours is sufficient for a child four years old. In very bad cases five or
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i)ot()niv. Inhalation of amvl nitrite or chloroform, or, what is often a
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General symptoms are not wanting. Cramps in the calves are com-
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duced to 75° F, (23.8° C.) or even 70° F. (21.1° C), below which it is
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any premonitory symptoms. The onset is rather more sudden than in
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looked to, while for the throbbing the bromids of ammonium and sodium,
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found in the results obtained in the 1256 laryngeal cases (membranous
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Acute outbreaks of mania are most commonly met with, and are charac-