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(4) As previously stated, the eruption appears with the termination of

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of forced feeding deserves a trial if there be absolute loathing for food.

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give comfort, and the Turkish bath may end the attack if it can be used

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is seen in quite a number of the red cells in the severe cases, and in

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which has touched the exudate gently but thoroughly over the surflice of the blood-serum with-

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fourth rib, and occasionally a murmur may be heard at the base.

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spasna. The patient should occupy a low seat, with his head supported

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vessels and capillaries are literally blocked with phagocytes and blood-

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may present marked irregularities. Pulmonary infarction and abscess

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The internal popliteal nerve supplies the popliteus, tibialis posticus,

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are the occipital, the intercostals, and the sciatic. Except the blood-

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(^^ renal hemophilia "). Hematuria may be also a manifestation of

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and avoid whatever tends to aggravate in the slightest degree the lesion

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rule there are many exceptions. The tumor when due to aneurysm

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0.008 to 0.016), at bedtime, rrompt surgical interference must be re-

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of the optic disk may be noticed at this stage. It usually begins t»»

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(3) Tubercular Pneumonia. — In like manner, pulmonary tuberculosis

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face or limbs, may appear. Generalized convulsions may occur, and

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the symptoms persisting with progressive emaciation and final exhaustion.

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larger number, and the exudate tends to suppuration, while in the more

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l^tiology. — Predisposing causes are age, sex, temperament, and

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in consequence of rupture of the sac into the lung, the bronchus, or the

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Percussion yields a clear or hyperresonant note. Dulness or ia-

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variety is evolved, chiefly, in certain of the internal viscera, and the

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muscles. When it is involved adduction and circumduction of the thigh

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short regular intervals, is indicated first of all. Salt-water baths and

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soon, and often rapidly, reaching 105°-106° F. (41.1° C), or higher

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lighted and damp chambers. No stationary washstand should be allowed

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with slight fever. Physical fatigue, a strain, and errors in diet causing