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to prevail, but to delay for second and third paroxysms in order to be
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virus on the one hand, and upon the condition (both local and general)
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course, the fever is distinctly intermittent or remittent, and in which
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pox, typhus, typhoid, relapsing fever, cholera, diphtheria, yellow fever,
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way the contents are quickly expelled through the stomach-tube above
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Spotum glairy, tenacious, and in adults Sputum characteristic (rusty or prune-
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discharge, with subsidence of the tumor, recur with variable frequency.
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proceed to full recovery without interruption, the happy event being often
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rected. The nuMlicinal treatment is to be aimed at the causal or priiDary
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ing, and contractures result. Reflexes are increased chiefly on the side
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chronic obstruction to the flow of bile (as from tumors pressing from
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pains, etc. subside. The fever of suppuration which then succeeds is
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tonsillitis tend to cause permanent hypertrophy of the tonsils. In cases
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upon the cover-glass, allowed to remain about a minute, and washed off
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renders the prognosis decidedly unfavorable. In mitral 9tenom4 co»-
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dice and pain may either be only slight or entirely absent. When, how-
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erally audible, and when so is a moiit valuable aid to the diagnm.
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character, and never to be forgotten when once heard. The temperature
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ages, children are particularly liable to* the disease. Unfavorable hygienic
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The “Day of Cancer,” held each year in conjunction with the Atlanta Post-
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floor of the apartment should not be carpeted, but may be in part cot-
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Diagnosis. — Cases have been mistaken for variola, but the history
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dened and tumefied ; the coursing veins are enlarged, and particles of i
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will be paralyzed on the same side as the lesion, since this latter is below
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without, extending from the lung to the bronchi, and in the case of the
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dAris, or merely clear serum, varying with the age. This view is,
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the abdominal walls must be increased by electricity, massage, and hydro-
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rigidity throughout, also exaggerated reflexes, and often contractures.