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sufi'cr from syncopal attacks or become unconscious for hours at n

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of the decomposition of acetone, and hence the importance previously

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mon. The thermometer may register a high temperature, though it

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pleural adhesions and other unfavorable consequences. Symptomatic

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rencc ; and of this fact the patient should be repeatedly assured by the

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also occur from peritonitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

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admirably suited to this affection. Saccharine and farinaceous articles

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Etiology. — Entering into the causation of cardiac dilatation, there

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Lloyd's case proved fatal after an illness of three days.

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Etiology. — The following are among the recognized causes of

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ease. With the termination of this stage the fever remits and the other

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Tariations in their growth (rapid in the encephaloid and slow in the scir-

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will be distended with the injected liquid. The history of the case and

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rupture of the sac or (more frequently) from gradual cardiac exhaustion.

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selves, are too common to be looked upon as mere coincidences. Many

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etc.), and the latter of alcoholics, together with strychnin and am-

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aura, and includes any phenomenon, motor and sensory, that ushers in an

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this manner by causing a rapid exosmosis of serum from the blood-ves-

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long and harsh. The finger-ends are often bulbous (clubbed), with in-

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coextensive pulsation. The symptoms of visceral or cutaneous embolic

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hematoidin or bilirubin as a product of the reduction of these substances

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ture, or when the history of syphilitic infection is obtainable. It may

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historic development of the subjects treated has been either briefly given

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strictly intermittent, though not necessarily excited by the partaking of

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and even l>v alcohol and digitalis in some cases : hot-water bottles mav

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of instances he is called after the case has progressed to or near the

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The differential diagnosis of catarrhal stomatitis is easily vai

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years, however, many observers have reported certain and distinct pat-

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immunity. If the patient cannot make the necessary change, the gen-

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designate the case. Of the above types, as stated in the life-history of

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to further distend the already weakenc<l walls. Thus the elasticity of

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expel the increased amount of blood from the left ventricle demands in-

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accepted, exophthalmic goiter is probably of thyroid origin and is de-

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the end may be reached in a general convulsion. In all cases of nephri-

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is increased out of all proportion to the hyperplasia of the follicles,

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however, is more common. Irregular and intermittent cardiac action

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The symptoms are those of general cachexia, and the diagnosis rests