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partly owing to the position assumed by the lungs and partly (perhaps

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facts : {n) There is thus established a greater tissue-resistance to the bacil-

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after the actual crisis.* The prognostic significance of absence of leu-

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The following acid diarrhea-mixture is excellent; each dose con-

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tion, and that, however mild the attack, other unprotected persons brought

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of the circulation. Stimulation should be commenced as soon as there is

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should be carefully observed whenever symptoms of disordered liver-func-

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The diaphragm is lowered and the subjacent viscera correspondingly

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body there is an old tuberculous focus. Apart from this primary lesion,

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it to remain until the red color has entirely disappeared (about fifteen

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The muco-pus that bathes its surface is not so apt to be hemorrhagic as

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pearance, and the chest on inspection is seen to be contracted, owing

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determined a gouty paroxysm. Whether lead produces gout by arrest-

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Acute outbreaks of mania are most commonly met with, and are charac-

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does not take place, then necrosis of the central portion (due, most

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IMaSfllOSis. — Young infants usually do not ''whoop,** but cough

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-etc.), and the inside meat of crabs and lobsters. The chief diet must

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The spleen, contrary to its condition in other infectious diseases, is

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hemorrhage) and pylephlebitis. From the thrombi in the mesenteric

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severity, tliough never entirely absent, as in the case of purely fuuetiMul

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points out the fact that in Leipsic, where articular rheumatism is one of

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cious after a day or two. When the case is first seen and fullv devel-

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in cases of equal severity, may be either numerous or scanty. Thej

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gresAive. Usually located near base one or other apex,

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being followed by a slow convalescence, which may be interrupted by a

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^ increased. An apical systolic murmur is occasionally audible. The

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with vomiting and frequent serous discharges or more often merely with

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caily in ca<i-i -lue t'.> eicatricial contraction, the patients increasing in

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to as low as 16 or 17 per cent, in severe cases, the average quantity being

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vanced in favor of arsenic and other preparations as possessing power to

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tient must be put to bed immediately, and the foregoing treatment is

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fcmmipriva. The gland may be given raw or cooked, in the form of

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be rightly inferred in many of the chronic forms of obstruction has