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the headache, pyrexia (not always present), twitching, and drowsiness,
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tion by the streptococcus and other organisms. The onset is usually
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Schott of Nauheim has introduced a special plan of treatment that is
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burning character, or formication. Later, certain or all forms of sen-
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to their tendency to burrow, they may perforate the interventricular
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ventricle, and later by dilatation and weakness of both ventricles. The
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lations and connective tissue, which contracts, forming cicatrices that
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The chief causes of the rapid and labored breathing are the involve-
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the amount of contraction are extreme, and the size and weight are
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Typhoid fever may rarely be met with in sufferers from chronic
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>f the ''cofiee-ground" material upon the slide and add a few crystals of sodium chloria.
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modoratoly well marked, and to assume that the anemia is due ?oK'1t :•>
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first few days in some cases. Close scrutiny will enable one to difieren-
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the outflow of venous blood from the stomach to the right heart. These
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plegia, the fibers being involved in their course between the nucleus
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ration, the tumor is pressed downward by the liver, but is not pulled up-
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dition the reader is referred to the description of endocarditis in the sec-
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than was formerly supposed does cardiac tuberculosis also result from
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abscess-cavity just to the right of the promontory of the sacrum.
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often the Fallopian tubes, and in either sex it may be the appendix.
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In children, however, the diagnosis between typhoid fever and simple
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(4) The testicles show an arrest in development (infantile testicles).
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they are loss of flesh and nervous symptoms, and the latter may simu-
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cases the nodular tubercles may grow into foci of considerable size,
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toms, being the physician's guides. Gradually cooled baths of the usual
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toms of the later stage alone being pathognomonic. The attack is nsually
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This is not infrequently due to the streptococcus pyogenes, but the
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than the usual trace of albumin. Ammonium, in the form of the aro-
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of the gastric mucosa are distinctive only of the graver forms, since the
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products formed by these different varieties of micro-organisms are the
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and 8 P. m. If the nutrient enemata must be discontinued for a time, the