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Whistling and smoking are performed with tlifficulty. if at all. ami fouii
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life. In a large city the infected district may be small, and, although it
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cially dependent upon afi^ections of the spinal cord, and without stopping
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A certain class of cases is met with, however, in which the catarrhal
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are valuable aids in the treatment of hepatic colic, being given at a tem-
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Jar orKanium {tSirejUocorctu pneumonia^ Weic'liHelbauni ) lias bi'cn found in a number of
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the gastric secretion gives variable results, there being an early hyper-
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loes much to allay the congestion and irritability. A spray of cocain
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tenacious of life, this being its chief distinguishing char actor istic.
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noon, instead of the forenoon, as in the latter. A clear history, the
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in advanced life: others, as the tyroma, somewhat earlier.
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parageusia — may be present in hysteria and insanity. Increased sensi-
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stance, however, is on the whole conservative and calculated to re[«ir
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Treatment. — The treatment corresponds with that of the iirimary
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here were certainly not less than 150,000 lepers, while at present it is
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mer it is still likely that the solid urinary constituents are retained, even
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in causing the contents ("air and sodden food") to flow back into tb*
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Bronchitis. — No special measures are necessary when the bronchitis
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tion of feces (coproBtaBiB) is a common cause of intestinal obstruction,
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(3) The Stage of Paralysis. — On account of the exudation the mental
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aspect, while the lymph-glands that are accessible to inspection and
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instances, intestinal irritation are productive of this complaint.
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softening and suppuration, giving rise to miliary abscesses. The mu-
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calculi. It should, however, be provisionally stated that the primaiy