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appearance of a dumb-bell. At times one end only is clubbed, or,

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the a<lvaneed static becomes barrel-shaped. The reason for this i? the

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a half hour later if the patient be not asleep. Usually the temperature

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yielded better results in my own hands than numerous others which

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until deafness supervenes, when it ceases. Often, however, arrest or

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tvphus that the rose-spots fail to become petechial {vide infra). The

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are observed, the organ being slightly enlarged, pale, and &tty, and pi«-

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when no tangible cause for the presence of the blood is at hand. Hepatic

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little can be done when the cause is labyrinthine. The same is true

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onset, the condition will be about as follows : More or less asymmetry of

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and debility of the patient are marked. In advanced cases of stenosis

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Tin* points of discrimination are, how^ever, given under the latter affection

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den, the maximum level attained being somewhat lower and the attend-

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horn, or the anterior roots that have been destroyed by the tumor. In

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tuberculous processes in other viscera may furnish the tabercle bacilli

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larly of any mucus or muco-pus that mav be discharged, may decide the

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tion may be as great for a time as in pernicious anemia. There is also

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Preference has been given to the modem orthography and termi-

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but is aggravated upon deep breathing and upon any mascular exertion.

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In valvular disease (particularly aortic), owing probably to eoronirr

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cumscribed miliary abscess if septic material be also absorbed from the

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as the late Sir Andrew Clarke believed, capremia — the absorption of tk

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daily amount of sugar excreted. Notwithstanding the fact that the in-

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londition should not be regarded as identical with dilatation with hyper-

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aortic than in mitral valvular disease. In larger doses, when lefi ven-

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of a pale straw-color. character, and the color is variable.

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of the disease is delayed teething, the teeth that appear being deficient