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tion from adjacent organs. Mention has already been made of the fact

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E%Ye by the presence of certain complications previously mentioned. I

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The decubitus of the child must be changed frequently, so as to prevent

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lot suffice for the recognition of abscess, but when combined with the

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stools of infants suffering from diarrhea, failed to find any that could be

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How of the venous blood-stream to the lungs or through the latter i.-rpaiis

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areas in which the nervous tissue has been destroyed, no matter what the

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ent in retinitis pigmentosa. In this condition vision may be normal

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a few drops of the stain on the smeared side of the cover-glass and

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rectly relieving the congestion of the peritoneum, thus promoting a

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jections. It is characteristic of nervous diarrhea that the stools follow

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data, however, it would appear that in more than one-half of the cases

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anemia, and it may be quite difficult to discover which of these is the

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affection. Headache, anorexia, languor, and fever (often preceded by

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temperature be high, only liquid forms of nourishment should be admin-

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(7) In old persons pneumonia runs a peculiar course and is danger-

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In order to difierentiate between primary renal afiection with second-

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When the latter condition is present, however, the micturition becomes

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mitral stenosis digitalis, by lengthening the period of diastole, allows

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are normally found in the small intestines. These pass from the rec-

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soft and friable, and are easily lacerated. The heart is enlarged, and

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Tated immediately after eating, and is not relieved by albuminous food,

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fistric disturbance, followed by almost complete freedom from symptoms.

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that the patient cannot be persuaded to remain in bed.

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mittents, and should in the latter conditions be combined with iron and

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The bowels should be kept freely soluble, constipation being carefblly

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to walk or play, even if he have done so previously.

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ferred to. The sphincters are not involved. Ocular symptoms are

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thorough disinfection of the sick-room, the bed, and bed-linen, the vom-

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the arch. Not infret^uently abdominal tumors, excessiye meteorism, and

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causing profuse sweating anil free catharsis, and in some cases by phle-

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associated lesion in other forms of valvular disease in the young adult.

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sub-varieties to which attention will be incidentally directed. Its most

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blood and pus. Osier has met with this condition in 3 autopsies, in 1

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x\\^y however, with greater frequency in males in about the proportion

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difficult of accomplishment than when it is necessary to reduce the acidity.

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idj escape of the fluid during inspiration on aspiration of abscesses

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The center of the field is chiefly affected, and a central scotoma for red

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though the evidence as to the specificity of this organism were almost

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srcinoma and gangrene secondary to a very flat esophageal carcinoma.

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mses, and, while the grafts were found to have taken hold, the results,