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should be reduced or skim-milk substituted. Other forms of food that are
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found in the results obtained in the 1256 laryngeal cases (membranous
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posed to the virus at the time of birth, will not take the disease if
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burrowing of the abscess around the trachea and esophagus, and erosion
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Leube contends — and very properly, I think — that muscular rheuma-
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tricles. An entire hemisphere may sometimes be wanting, and the cra-
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two Inchei from the end. The latter it lo be Introduced by a combined rotatory and puablng
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would rather suggest that perhaps they get well. Cases that are evidently
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Different epidemics of typhoid fever, however, vary so greatly in their
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been employed hypodermically in a 10 per cent, solution in oil of sweet
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earciDoma and chronic gastritis, especially of the atrophic variety, may
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cessfully performed. The mortality ranges from 50 to 60 per cent. In
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rapidly develop. The seed being there, the soil only requires prepara-
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During the attack cerebral hemorrhage occurs, and may leave the patient
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ing, etc., and by movement of the trunk, sneezing, and coughing.
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but I have yet to see a case in which perforation has followed an active
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that is sometimes violent in character may develop. In the majority of
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urine, are present. Jaundice of varying intensity is present, although
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and the extent of the local lesions. Thus at an early stage the prognosis
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late period. Kanthack's and Kneass's ^ recent statistical analysis also
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plains of toothache, dysphagia, and of difficulty in opening the jaw.
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fits of shivering. The characteristic features of the disease (enlarge-
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Oerebral Ssrmptoms. — These vary from a slight headache, tremors, and
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vessels of the pia, and, while the nerve itself derives its blood-supply
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Although most common in Bright's disease, uremia may arise also in
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attacks are most frecjuent in middle life. They are rare before puberty,
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toms (petechias, etc.), and later by an inflammatory enlargement of the
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obtain, and later the breathing-space is diminished sufficiently to excite
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The symptoms resemble those of intrathoracic aneurysm, though