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even Bonom^, who reports an instance (occurring in a lad of sixteei
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leads to dilatation of that portion of the duodenum back of it, and finally
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stances lead to such grave complications as pyelo-nephritis, pyo- and
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acute yellow atrophy of the liver, acute phosphorus-poisoning (in both
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at a given point to burrow into the surrounding tissues, and especially
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true diagnosis. Finally, in delirium tremens the fine tremor of the
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rarely shares in post-diphtheritic paralysis also. Dysphagia is the leil-
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disease. It is found in mitral valvular disease with ruptured compen-
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edies that are most efficacious for froo<l. As a rule, however, sedatire
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The “Day of Cancer,” held each year in conjunction with the Atlanta Post-
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rows. Tlie pulmonary pleura may become detached, and the air-tumors
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From peritonitis we may readily distinguish catarrh of the intestines
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Most frequently there is a troublesome dragging pain, or a sense of
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then expectorated, has undergone a change, becoming rusty-colored.
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diseases, together with photophobia. The spasm is tonic. Clonic spasm
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pains, bloody stools, and the detection of a more or less firm and nod-
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center, with a fibrous and more or less translucent periphery. They
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phlebitis present themselves. If thrombi have formed in the portal
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over the body, so that pitting can be obtained on the limbs, chest, abdo-
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Numbness may also be felt. Pain and tenderness on palpation are com-
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chlorate (gr. xv to Sj — 0.972-32.0), in order to prevent the occurrence
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to a persistence of the ductus Botalli and of the foramen ovale.
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performed. There was no obstruction found, but disease of the pancreas
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remains one of suppurative pylephlebitis or terminates in hepatic ab-
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of the pelvic viscera. Osier records a case in which jaundice (thought to
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that resolution takes place, as a rule, before the latter stage is reached.