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inost be steadily borne in mind, and also that when combined the signs

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tion) ; (6) By general infectious processes (septicemia, pyemia, typhoid

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(4) Age, as a rule, has no decided eflFect. It should be stated, how-

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periods, as follows : Ta) The painful period^ lasting, as a rule, two or

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except the slight irritation due to scarification — are noticed until the

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the use of fruits and fresh vegetables. Of the former, two or three

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and debility are also observed. The associated nervous symptoms are

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aid resolution when this is delayed (Reiss) ; the heart, however, must be

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The urine is scanty, of high specific gravity, and contains bile, bile-

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which does not sharply occur, but includes the sequence of the disease.

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4. Bymptomatic Treatment. — Most symptoms demanding therapeu-

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a short. l<>w-tnne<l, and double systolic murmur over the tricuspid orifict

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the congested membrane. The enlarged follicles are due to a hyperplaaa

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lours, and by an absence of the sudden prostration and collapse so com-

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The quality of the sounds, like their position, exhibits great

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ures. The very best local application for pharyngeal or nasal diphtheria

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three or four hours to two days. It is rarely fatal, though in persons

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quinin, a certain diagnosis of malarial neuralgia should not be ventured.

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the result of direct pressure, as in carrying heavy loads on the neck and

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Ckrvnif Ji7d(j(M>M offers & b*! prognosis, most instances being oImtIt

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once the process has begun, seldom requiring more than two weeks.

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in from a few months to a year. The most rapid course is run by sec-

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by friction to the skin, should be practised daily for its effect opon tkc