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ber of typhoid bacilli were added, a very peculiar reaction occurred.

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Soft, disintegrating, and ulcerating carcinoma should thus be treated.

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invariably reitewed. The nails sometimes become roughened and brittle,

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ance of the tumor-mass, as occurred in two cases of my own.

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■igin from arrhythmia due to more or less grave myocardial disease.

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In the course of one or two days after the onset we obtain physical

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cause. The most frequent factor, rupture of an aneurysm, proves quickly

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excessive, but by means of careful palpation we can in most cases satisfy

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over the base of the heart even when there is a copious effusion present.

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Lipuria is a teim applied to the presence of fat in the urine. It may

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arthropathies, post-hemiplegic chorea, and tremors.

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it could be recognized — could be destroyed and the disease terminated.

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In mild cases sodium salicylate (gr. viij-xv — 0.618-0.972 in twenty-

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tau$ tonsillitis is shown by a greater enlargement of the tonsil, due to

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have been reported in which there is some evidence of direct contagion.

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any considerable size, cause the most intense symptoms, owing to th«

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elnldl>irth and amenorrhea: and. lastly, (/•) whatever may be its apparent

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in the treatment of this disease — more so than at any previous

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carcinoma of the bowel. Here a study of the past history of the patient, as

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diet, all injurious articles must be rigidly prohibited. In the milder


cated, as a rule, though sometimes the whole lung is involved. The

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to determine whether it has entered the fundus. The tube is moistened

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being quite extensive and overshadowing all other symptoms (febrile pur-

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rhagic aspect. A recent ulcer presents clean-cut edges, that are not the