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toned up. For stomatitic salivation potassium chlorate is first in raak
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Ehe constitutional disturbance is usually febrile, and may either approach
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Diagnosis. — A typical form of scarlet fever offers few difficulties
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vomica, ami bitter tonics are serviceable in cases in which gastric dig«-
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provement in every other leading symptom. Convalescence is speedy.
the disease owes the popular name of ^' brecuc-bone fever.** The joints
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persisting for months. Sometimes the cases have recurring mild attacks
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high. Chronic tuberculosis may occur, however, less frequently, and
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which consists in adding liquor potassae, boiling the urine, and observ-
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soon quickens to 120 or even 130, and later it may be irregular. At
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proAise sweats are present the red corpuscles may be relatively increased
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In ivomen the iodids should be suspended during menstruation if
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not explicable from the position of the sclerosis ; and, secondly, those
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rare event), its desiccation begins on the ninth day (the twelfth day c^
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the tissue-soil after a prolonged contest generally gains the ascendency
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transparent, hexagonal crystals. Care should be exercised in forming a
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it is neither constant nor high. The characteristic symptom is the early
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physical exertion. Mental inertia is the rule, and chronic mania may
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diagnosticated with difficulty, especially if they present anomalous cha-
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cannot be induced to swallow this, and it then must be poured through a
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occurring in Otter Creek Valley, a limestone region of Vermont. At the
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already noted to burning or boring pains of great severity. The skin
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eonrinced that a mixed diet, such as has just been indicated, is best
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and may be accompanied by r&les (pseudo-cavernous signs). The latter
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and the scapular region. It usually appears as the hepatic enlargement
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may be complete, not a vestige of normal or diseased tissue remaining;
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