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which was inoculated with whatever bacteria were contained in the
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the cells of the parathyroid gland do not react in the same way as
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my of Pneumonia, as it occurs in infants, has lately been published.
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Experiment 1. — On May 22 a rabbit weighing 2,525 gm. was injected intra-
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The cultures were incubated in the dark in a water bath at approximately
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is prepared only by Dr. B. W. Hair, Cincinnati, Ohio.
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apparent injury to the> individuals, and without subsequent mischief^
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!». \'hn\ are the anatomical structures composing the
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power of preventing the occurrence of puerperal fever. He has
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Chapter VI, Si:c. 2. — Amend by inserting after the
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ties of bouillon cultures or by washing the bacteria from solid media
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Thrombotic softening produces incomplete paraplegia, without loss of
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to run into cholera. He believes the opinion promulgated by Kirke,
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have ascertained that an exactly similar preparation is
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reaction in the organism, while the absorption of larger amounts
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typhoid fevers, acute articular rheumatism, malignant pustule, puerperal
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and has therefore given to the world his preparation
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took place four years since. He would describe the patient as phy-
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mittee was appointed, is one of acknowledged interest; it refers to the
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It should be expected that Guinea Pigs 1 and 2 of Table III would
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Kitasato Institute the patients are ordered to rest as completely as in
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generation, from changes in the coloring matter of the blood, and from
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and Surgicttl Journal^ (183G,) to illustrate this position. But this casei
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exposed to the variolous contagion. As he entered the room and
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With ^uch a view the Committee offer the following resolution,
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She was in sitting-room down stairs, resting herself. At 9 P. M.
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in consequence of an operation in its neighborhood. Nor was there any edema
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|iortioiial share of this fund. The United States govern-
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of maximum rate of growth may be explained by one or the other of
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11 Vincent, S., Innere Sekretion unci Driisen ohne Ausfiihrungsgang, Ergebn.
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an endemic, producing often great mortality, has heretofore rarely
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measure, whether the bacteria are to be promptly removed from the
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come permanently insane, and some die from inanition. Death may also