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travasation of blood beneath the conjunctiva, due to the violence of the

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erted during the night previous, the throat being dry and a viscid secnr-

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invariably produces a sudden, and sometimes a great, fall of tempera-

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in some instances, and in many a family tendency to joint-aifection.

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CBAes are met with than in the spring, which furnishes fewer ^ases than

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black vomit, albuminuria, and grave nervous phenomena are features

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slightly diminished. More frequently, perhaps, it is increased, and espe-

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Symptoms. — The symptoms vary according as to whether the case

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;elatin, potatoes, etc.) into interlacing thread-like filaments which dis-

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rived from the gastro-intestinal canal. Rarely, bilirubin-eiystab are

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and in advanced cases the chordae tendinese, and even the papillary

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tention be paid conjointly to the symptoms, physical signs, and course

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Boas' fkexnrein Test. — Uesubliiued resorcin 5 parts, white <ugar o

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100 autopsies (Osier). With malignant endocarditis the lesions of men-