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Donnced cases a dark-red brown. Brown atrophy is most commonly
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ence is to be placed in the differentiation are to be found in the sub-
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a light coagulum settles to the bottom and a creamy pellicle of &t rises
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Very rarelj a primary affection. No Always idiopathic, with a prodromal
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Medical Service Committee that the MAG support efforts to establish a statewide
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to the biliary passages from the same causes that produce the thrombosis
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organs of the body (liver, heart, etc.) without giving rise to symptoms
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breathings, and muscular twitchings, indicate the grave condition of the
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From pachymeningitis cervicalis, a central tumor in the cervical region
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vKV vva"cVv4Vuv jk^vvsvw- lUw^itiwj* wiw*v *lbi.> ^Rfck^^ pfciKV Isc.^iit t&^f soft
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room and bed occupied by the consumptive become in time a source of
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quarts (2-3 liters), and its color varies from grayish-white to a creamy,
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this disease. Among natural waters of special value abroad are Vichy,
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arorable results, may, however, be mentioned, as follows : in 13 opera-
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in the later stages. Depressing measures of whatever sort are not to be
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21.4 per cent, were found to show involvement of this organ. With refer-
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tdook is favorable and the course is brief. On the other hand, the
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less severe have been observed. The temperature is high, and its curve
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The patient should occupy a secluded room with little light and i
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izing themselves here in consequence of a preceding disturbance of the
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tina, but more often it occurs in the second or third week of convales-
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3. That chronic poliomyelitis exists has been proved by Oppenheim
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Clinical History. — The symptoms vary with the cause. The on-
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nearly always present) and waxy tube-casts ; it is of high specific gravity,
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then flushes ; the pupils alternately dilate and expand ; and the expres-
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erine " is very rarely fatal, while, on the other hand, the asphyxic form is
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area may be caused by coils of intestine forcing their wa? up liel*W
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diseaiie with about «'i|ual frc(|uency. As a primary, independent dis-
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constant, but, as a rule, it displays a definitely paroxysmal character.
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lated. This should be printed and ready for distribu-
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The prognosis is fatal and the treatment palliative.