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Mode of Infection. — The precise way in which the infection of a healthy
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Treatment. — Apart from the measures indicated for thoracic aneur-
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a little brandy has been sprinkled, is effective. For controlling the
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weight, the underweight and those desiring to increase
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losing its virtue. It was sure in its action, and ofiered the advantage to
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fibrous bands. It follows that in some cases irregular areas of tym-
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Symptoms. — The most marked feature is dyspnea^ particularly when
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of any information obtainable upon this head. In severe cases an exclu-
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ney and remaining there are ever dissolved, though certain drugs would
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kegin very promptly ; but if elastic fibers and tubercle bacilli be found,
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this route, even in intubated cases, will be extremely satisfactory. Con-
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Renal Colic. — The absence of fever and of a localized spot of ten-
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dition of the child. The indications for alcohol are marked prostration,
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bilical region, is often relieved by pressure, and is associated with tym-
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part is indicated, and the limb should be placed upon a splint ; then, after
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irregularly elevated, ranging from 101° to 103° F. (38.3°-39.4° C).
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Lnpacted Calculi. — In this condition attacks of hepatic colic are often
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ditions it may be delayed for half an hour or more. Rarely it ftib to
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or myxomatous degeneration. In other instances the interstitial tra-
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in the later stages. Depressing measures of whatever sort are not to be
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Symptoms. — The symptoms vary somewhat with the nature of ihe
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to make the diagnosis, and to distinguish Landry's disease from polio-
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valves, producing cither obstruction or regurgitation. Similar lesions of
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and also of curing them when infected. This treatment was employed
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symptom, according to certain authorities, points directly to cystitis.
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(5) Fnlminant or Apoplectic Form. — The symptoms characterizing this
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rhea, more frequently the former. Scorbutic dysentery has been de-
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The hygienic treatment must embrace a regulation of all the habits
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the neck generally precede the neuritis. The course of the disease is