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with, however, in which the truly pneumonic symptoms are overshadowed

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the vital organs or during the early part of convalescence. The symp-

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)f the lungs, pleura, pericardium, appendix, and the tubes, in women, can

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effect that has caused the name of spotted fever to be given to it. This

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are few. The belly is usually flat and flaccid, though it may be scaphoid

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have been exposed to the poison. General symptoms, as a rule, are not

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(sometimes scybalous masses), rather copious, and intermingled with some

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Definition and Pathology* — A suppurative inflammation of the

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liver-tissue. On section the tumor is often of uniform density, bluish-

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parenchyma is shown by the persistence of slight albuminuria at inter-

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that act as bearers of the disease. Apart from the use of supporting

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are the cases that are apt to lead to lobular infiltration — the so-called

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(d) Age. — Typhoid fever may occur at any age. It is, however,

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producing a peculiar smile {sardonic grin). Next there is an involve-

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cases. The cardiac chambers, particularly the right, are distended with

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nerve. Our knowledge as to its function is not exact, both because it is

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Psettdo-diphtheria. — There are forms of inflammation occurring most