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of the floor of the ulcer will vary with the character of the intestinal
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the red are changed in shape and smaller than normal (Wood). Pete-
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noid growths may be removed by means of the finger, caret, or forceps.
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Diagnosis. — The clinical recognition of diabetes insipidus rests
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carditis verrucosa. Pulmonic constriction of ante-natal origin may be an
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signs of dilatation following hypertrophy, fatty changes may be inferred
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(4) Palpitation may be due to different causes, the recognition of
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In 1852, Waller discovered that section of a nerve is followed hy
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of these an operative incision was followed by recovery, and this was put
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liioiigh nut so intensely as at tiie base. The pulse, in this diseast'. i«
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superadded, the symptoms being stupor, muttering delirium, subsultus
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respiratory nervous centers. It may, however, be the result of cardiac
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A. E. Wright has particularly insisted upon the value of calcium salts
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ously been distributed to members of the House, and
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importance, especially if it entail oft-repeated or prolonged exposure to
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liver and spleen and the contraction of the thorax. Chest oomplicadou
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enough of pus, but it may be difficult to determine whether it is due to
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(6) A Fibr(h8clerotic Myocarditis. — The process begins in the peri-
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As stated under Pathology, acute dilatation of the heart may develop,
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tissue thus formed in obedience to the well-known pathologic law tends
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tion of the kidney due to metastatic or miliary abscesses is considered
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manifestations early in life do not bear chronic phthisis well should it
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without premonitoiT signs, and is in many cases accompanied by loss
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