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elimination of products normally excreted by the kidneys may be accom-
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cranial vasculature on a dynamic basis, using rapid sequence serial angiography.
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▼en rupture of the aortic coats, may be observed as a sequel.
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temporal (posterior part) and in the left supramarginal convolutions ; also
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On percussion there arc discoverable alterations in the size of the
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Flatulence may often be relieved by preventing fermentation. To
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swollen. Gastric distress after eating and obstructive constipation are
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in mind that after the spirillum reaches the intestine, whether or not an
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Stage of Ck)nsolidation. — Inspection. — There is little or no expansive
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erted during the night previous, the throat being dry and a viscid secnr-
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hildren of from two to eight years of age, though apparently in perfect
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be a valueless expedient. When the aneurysm forms a large external
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of pigment accumulate in the center of the parasite, while on its periph-
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the swollen glands into nodular masses is also seen, and when ulceration
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retraction of the chest-walls on the affected side must ensue. If pleurisy
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effution. Pain is always a more prominent symptom, however, than in
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the supra-maxillary nerve). The tender points here are the infra-orbital
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tt'tn finding depends upon the duration of the disease ; the more chronic
ner : The excreta should be received in a vessel that can be thoroughly
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between the liver and stomach. Diverticula are sometimes found post-
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tions of the sputa — a course that will finally bring ample reward if the
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the hop:itic and cardio-pulmonary circulation. This is true in an ertpeclil