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Sjnnptoms. — As tricuspid reflux is usually secondary to some other form
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our chief reliance will always be upon digitalis and iron, combined with
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mothorax, hydrothorax, peritonitis, and, rarely, by j^ericarditis. Death
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a varying time, from one to five days, the spots entirely disappear, leaving
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cous surfaces, its inflammation is the resnlt. It may also be occasioned by
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than at others, and occasionally sacculations render its ontlines uneven.
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nasal hypertrophies. They may be used when the tissues are easily acces-
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abscess, hydatids, and medullary cancer of the liver. In medullary cancer,
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formed, followed by cellulitis. If in cerebral embolism the occluded ves-
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the passage to the pharynx is found obstructed by the swollen glands, the
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operation. Yaughan and others attribute the antiseptic properties of
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should be kept moist and the body should be covered with flannel. Some
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Lingual. — Ligature of the lingual artery is sometimes done for
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Prognosis. — In the slight circumscribed pulmonary infarction dependent
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of the stimulation. The India cholera pills, given in the collapse, are
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cause the development of a layer of new connective-tissue, which may give
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the left than in the right hypochondrium. Profuse sweats are common
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6. Gangrene from tight bandage. Dr. A. T. Still advises the use of
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and their base toward its surface.^ They vary in size
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No. 8. Actinomyces. — Prepared from tumor of jaw of calf. Gram's
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the sea. There are, however, some remarkable exceptions to this rule.
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outdoor life in still another case, resulted in recovery.
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Ur^'anic <j;erins are more abundant in the air in the city than in the coun-
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taken place, and the tissues will not yield readily to treatment, the
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chief and only symptoms, ascites, anasmia, and the evidences of geneial
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signs of the pneumonic and fibroid conditions are not modified by the
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formance, but it should never be rashly undertaken. When it is positively
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est in the nose, mouth, trachea, bronchial tubes and larynx.
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-^^ «-=e\®fiL:5^^^=^ emphysema, and lobular pneumonia
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the transverse portion of the arch ; next the descending portion of the
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tion is not induced, nor are the nervous phenomena developed, on account
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skiagraphed and accurately located. It is sometimes possible to feel
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(1-100 m a dose) is very useful", and hypodermatics of morphine may be
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