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Diagnosis. — (a) Sapremla can be distinguished by the history, the
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lation is established. A favorable result is obtained relatively often,
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show the pronounced pathological changes of leukemia, it is usual to
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careous deposits. The more or less immobile, rigid valves obviously
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comes bedridden, bladder and rectal symptoms develop, and possibly l>rd-
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Ilislory of irritantit (aloohol) or chronic History of dysentery,
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After the first paroxysm or two the swelling is usually marked and
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I time. Palpation may detect a presystolic thrill over the body of
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bar puncture recommended by Quincke. If convulsions develop, they
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creases in thickness for a time, and the natural movements of the peri-
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substance of the kidneys is swollen and mottled, and the epithelium of
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they are small, without symptoms or noticeable physical signs. When
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hard problem, but the following table will indicate the main points of
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disease of the cord or membranes, for new growths, or for disease of the
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ter, more common variety. Many of the cases due to pancreatic disease
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doubtless there are other changes in a certain proportion. The aloviag
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In addition to these there are usually degenerative changes in the ganglion-
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k8 is met with in the closing stages of pulmonary tuberculosis, free incision
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metastatic abscesses is not as great in the acute form. Hence, while the
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in the pulse-rate cannot be due solely to the elevation of temperature.
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extent by the vomicae. Cough-mixtures are usually prescribed to meet
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more darkly granular than in the large white kidney.
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The symptoms of cerebral, splenic, and renal embolism may arise. Prob-
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pia mat«r and arachnoid, myxoma, lipoma, fibroma, endothelioma. «u^
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etc.). Septic and pyemic processes, including infarctions, are common
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instances is occasioned by the co-operation of the factors that are at
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to a persistence of the ductus Botalli and of the foramen ovale.
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associated with syphilis. In this connection two facts need to be em-
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tion may also entirely cover the mucous surfaces. The lymphatics of tfo
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