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direct effect of a lack of expulsive or peristaltic power, and also of a

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on pressure, and commonly outlasts the course of the affection for a con-

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For the coryza I have found that atomizing the nares with some oily

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may be added. As tolerance for a liberal amount of milk becomes estab-

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and of higher specific gravity than in the small, pale, and contracted

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surface of the membrane is more or less coated with a viscid muco-pu.

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pain i.M often violent; there is swelling of the joint with extension

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tained in the urine, a play of colors ensues, the green predominating, fol-

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account of the swelling of the mucosa of the lacrymal ducts the tears

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mendation that improvement in the billing of Auxil-

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The course is prolonged into days or Course is brief, terminating in death m

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points of pain in this variety are the supra-orbital foramen (the exit of

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With few exceptions the onset is insidious, the symptoms being

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The selection of a diagnostic procedure is a more difficult question. The clin-

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DiEig^OSis. — Upon the points that are distinctive of a primary attack

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either side from time to time. His back, hips, and heels should be

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ticnble, it must be hand-fed, ami the best artificial food is cow's milk, if

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nineteenth century, by Bayle and Laennec, of the tuberculous new

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fully practiced by Brand of Stettin. There are obstacles in the way of

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Treatment. — The case presents a double indication : (a) to harbor

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brouglit to view that would otherwise be inappreciable.

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sclerotic changes in the vessels, giving rise to ischemia and ultimately to

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tuating tumor. There may be slight tenderness. Dulness on percussion

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right than on the left side. The muscular structure is usually of a

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and feeble pulse, trembling, anxiety, bodily t^ristings about, convulsions

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at certain periods of the day — viz. on lying down at night and on

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dren tlie eff'usion early changes to pus. The physical signs do not differ

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to the nature and (luantity of the casts also may be determined the cha-