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in this as in all other acute infectious diseases, the number, character,

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almost invariably present. Questions are apt to be answered inconsist-

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frequent and dread disease, phthisis, as to raise suspicions of the latter

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solution or of arsenous acid. Beginning with four or five drops of tbe

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litis. In the latter class the ureters show extensive involvement, such aa

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lowing brief table will be of assistance in the diagnosis :

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predisposing influence, since cases are observed to succeed one another

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cosa is evidenced by sibilant and sonorous r^les. This form occurs in

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of matter within phthisical cavities, or empyema with perforation of the

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tient ultimately recovering." He further states that they are probably

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other organs are slight. Broncho-pneumonia frequently occurs. The

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be administered, and if the stomach will not bear the introduction of

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palmonary lesions, and states that they are invariably [)resent in newly-

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Ohronic uremia is characterized by the absence of the marked symp-

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period giving the highest mortality-rate ; between two and five and after

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under five months of snuffles and the characteristic skin-eruptions.

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Among the latter the so-called '' tf/phoid jmeumoiiia " and the other

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([iiired in health. It must be non-stimulating, and tea, coffee, alcobo!

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Ctourse. — Karely the disease runs a very rapid course. The preataxic

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facial center, or pressure on the nerve at the base of the brain by an

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deliberate (staccato or scanning), the tendon-reflexes are increased,

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in origin perhaps only in acute Bright's disease or in the earlier stages

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may thus originate. The walls of the cavities are almost invariably

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one. Moreover, mild cases may at first not contain albumin, and fail to

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Constipation generally prevails, and sometimes alternates with diarrhea.

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the fatty acids ; add a few drops of phosphoric acid and boil. Transfer

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terms, it may be said that the more rapidly the process advances the

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the cardio-pulmonary circulation as well as the cardiac diastole. We have

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line urine, often with triple phosphates when some putrescence has en-