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substance of the cheek is involved. A hard and sensitive nodale mar
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dark-red variety, and small hemorrhagic infarcts may also be noted
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potent. Of 2038 cases examined by Welch with reference to this poiDl,
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Sested by the administration of tablets of pancreatin and soda (gr. v-z —
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offensive. Microscopic examination shows that the inflammatory prod-
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above it wrapped in a cloak, has a deposit of mercury settle all over his
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acute paralytic distention of Fagge, who ascribed the condition prima-
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Stercoral ulcers are the result of the mechanical effect of hard fecal
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in the aortic area, together with strong correlative evidence of aortic
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administration of minute doses of atropin or tincture of belladonna. A
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ulceration, which may cause fatal hemorrhage by erosion of adjacent
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Definition. — The above title was given by von Jaksch to a fonnof
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in the field. Recent observers, however, have found no leukocytosis in
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or a localized encephalitis, may occur either as a complication or
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renal albuminuria, since it is commonly associated with cystitis, pyelitis,
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tesis for pleural effusion, walking about in a moribund state, etc.
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mitral systolic murmur — it is to be regarded as being due to relative in-
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consisting of an edematous swelling without the presence of an eschar.
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over, by hygienic means, especially avoidance of physical and mentil
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(r/) transverse, (6) focal, or {c) insular (a series of foci).
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to corroborate the early diagnosis of pneumonokoniosis.
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ComplicatioiiS and Sequels. — Hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis,
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catarrh of the intestines. Diarrhea may be a prominent feature, thoagh
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(38.8° C). If not controlled in this manner, we may combine with
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