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application for advice respecting the course of study by

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present. Very little or no fibrous tissue can be observed, but there are

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and I am inclined to consider the amelioration of tbe skin nutrition

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Other authors variously consider that a peri- and endarteritis, leading

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under the symptomatic variety ; and this again should be widened to

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The inunction of the body after the morning bath with vaseline,

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( 1 ) Rub the finger briskly or place the hand in warm water

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Morrow. "Keratosis follioularis," Journ. Outan. and Vener. Dis. 1886. — 18.

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Lovers of Italian poetry will not forget to couple with Cow-

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Definition. — A neurosis in which sensation and mobility are suspended,

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statistics do not throw much light upon the subject. It would appear

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Verwendung des Ch-rysarobins," Zeitschrift f. drztl. Landpraxis, 1894, 1, 2. — 21.

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daily with a lotion in which the diseased limb or body has

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of waste products, and possibly to modify the character of toxic exudates.