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symptoms Jire freĀ«|iiently veile<l hy those of the primary affection, and.

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former often large. The single or solitary abscess is usually situated

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The dietetic treatment in chronic dysentery is of the utmost import-

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may be observed, and i)yelo-nephritis (rarely) and cystitis (not rareM

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follicles are sometimes seen. These, later, may terminate in simple

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dering at night, though active delirium is rare. Tdches cSribrales may

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nective tissue. The rest of the supporting framework of the nervous

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efll'ects. Langenbeck and others have obtained good results fmm tht

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to be in some instances entirely distinct irom diphtheria in its etiology,

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(2) gout and rheumatism ; (3) fever ; (4) leukemia and pernicious an-

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directly to defective development, and perhaps more rarely still to endo-

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patient wishes to keep still and dreads to be handled. The cause of this

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free, the physician's aim should be to decrease the power of the heart's

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nodules representing healed foci. Their interior may be lined witb t

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cells; and, according to Cabot, the presence of large numbers of polv-

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establishes the diagnosis. The tinnitus and the character of the deaf-

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(their most common scat), or the mural endocardium may also be involve*l

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fate the stomach (lavage), and more particularly if evidences of dilatation

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The diagnosis cannot be determined positively apart from the his-

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eing three years ago. Other instances are on record in which the parox-

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ilcvclopa yco'indiirily to the more pronounced murmur of mitral iucom-

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cells and fibers, and also of the muscles supplied. This latter be tertocd

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robust or plethoric should go to Carlsbad. Ems, and Kissingen abroad,

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insidiously that it is hardly ever possible to fix upon any precise date as

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the application is made by the use of the anterior and posterior nuil

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sults. However, should improvement follow the action of the first