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Paroaysmal Period. — In many cases, whether preceded by an aura or

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pronounced, point to isolated catarrh of the small intestines. The stools

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scabs and in exhalations from the lungs and skin. Its conveyance from

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to make the diagnosis, and to distinguish Landry's disease from polio-

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pamlent expectoration, are for a long period the leading features. If

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The pain is in the lower anterior thoracic region, at the points of inser-

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scribed blush. Among the rarer early symptoms is epistaxis. The

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may simulate bronchiectasis. There is often in such cases a clear his-

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tion, ^' Has pneumonia any special connection with malaria?" but, ac-

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The ribs become affected very early. Anteriorly, where they join the

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serous membranes. On the other hand, when the tuberculous infiltra-

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nervous tonicity and reduce the temperature, but when the spontaneous

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hold be boiled for half an hour before being ingested, and if an epi-

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per cent., and in the jejunum in 1.29 per cent. The accident is usu-

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are not uncommon. The spleen and liver are seldom and only very

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ing, shooting, or burning character, or it may come on in shock-like

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character it lasts fi'om a few days to one week ; in cases of average

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phagocytic activity — the natural power of resistance. It is a familiar

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pamlent expectoration, are for a long period the leading features. If

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(though this is not constant by any means ; and perhaps a disturbance of

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cases of the fever are the most to be dreaded, as they may be followed

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symptoms may occur in general paresis, and conversely in certain cases

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toms of vesical irritability, marked, it may be, by a feature of more or less

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pressure, but reappear promptly when pressure is removed. These

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shiverings, accompanied by a rapid elevation of temperature which may

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in diagnosis. The period of incubation is short in comparison with

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caily in ca<i-i -lue t'.> eicatricial contraction, the patients increasing in

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