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progress of the disease so that the valves became incompetent and
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Sometimes the bruit, which is distinctly synchronous with the
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turbance. He grew rapidly worse and was taken to the State Hospital for
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prove the close relation of pellagra to poor sanitation. No doubt, also,
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increased excretion of lime. Varying results were obtained by Fran-
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correspond to one part wheat bread. In view of this fact it follows
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supported by the fact, previously published, that the materials removed
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been treated with mercury by mouth for nine months. Ten years before he
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which the association of the cerebral symptoms and brain changes
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In the text certain conclusions are drawn relative to the concentration
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in this blood. For the former the Plesch-Higgins method was used
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stances. Dyspepsia is a symptom in almost all cases, there being
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teaching some positive error — the name " Basque," on the other hand,
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tis is frequently observed, but one may expect to find only a mild grade,
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demic influenza." Four of Lord's patients had been admitted to con-
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The gross indicated death rate, 15.8 per cent., is after all not so
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gravity, slightly albuminous, complete the diagnosis.
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tension of the 'disease (in a more rapid manner than is observed under
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the protruding and growing angioma ; or if the yielding vessel or
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