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The prognosis is good, the disease never directly endangering life,

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durin;; life when arising in the course of other grave diseases.

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muscles and nerves and propel the blood from the congested veins. The

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particulars. The great diminution in the proportionate amount uf

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noma of the ducts 75 were females ; in the same number of cases col-

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tions as to their number and combinations in different cases. In few

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it is in such instances as the latter that the occurrence of convalsions

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abscess of the lungs may arise as terminal complications.

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tility results from an exaggerated irritability of the motor nerves of the

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borhood. The prodromal stage rapidly passes to acute delirium, in which

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inflammation elsewhere, as claimed by Osier. The appendix is often

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Proper rest, care and regularity in dieting, and the avoidance of excite-

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non-senile pneumonia. Nervous phenomena, sometimes prominent, are

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Dia^osls. — Carcinoma of the biliary ducts cannot always be detected

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Lastly, when typhoid fever occurs in the hemorrhagic diathesis melena

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district and if proper treatment be persistently pursued. In long-

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crease in the number of the red corpuscles. There is a relative, and

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ment as to the course and prognosis of active hyperemia, tnese depending

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mitral valves. But, though usually indicated by an apical systolic mur-

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severity, from ten days to two weeks ; in the severest forms, from two

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named above ; it is secondary to wasting diseases, cachexise, and the like.