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A. Bakst, Pharm. D.; P. Sangkachand, M.S., R.Ph.; Doris Lau, B.S.

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in the case to show the seat of the lesion, but there is nothing

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slighter but very painful flexion of the great toe, in which

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may be instantly produced by chemical action in certain fluids.^ In

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He was given fish on November 7, chicken on November

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average daily dosage guide. In the male: Eunuchoidism

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the left foot the third and fourth toes are united.

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the patient has knowledge of anatomy and pathology.

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And although it must be admitted that it is very difficult

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features presented. Despite the competition of major na-

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appears on the fore part at c, and just above the condyle

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and to this mixture the serum of the blood highly tinged with the red vesicles was

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the evening and night hours (6 p.m. to 8 a.m.) with the

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and the blueness of the parts appeared to be due simply to a

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alternative products. The physician can go a long way in

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Substances, a part of the state’s cancer “prevention” program, are a

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er for over fifty years. He had pneumonia one year ago and

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Per in, Glover, Lieut. -Colonel and Surgeon, Medical

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be insisted upon. Facilities for sigmoidoscopy, pap smears,

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The report of the examination is reviewed by the placing