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Mechanical Influence of the Lesion. — The mitral leaflets normally close,
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and this may lead to the development of mitral insufficiency (usually of
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The latter form of degeneration does not affect the whole muscle, only
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creases the liability of the patient to subsequent attacks. Moreover,
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through the lung-tissue an adequate proportion of leukocytes, and thus
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moistened in a solution of starch and dried) are used : they are moist-
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In mild cases the renal condition may be overlooked unless a urinary
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pulsation, owing to the fact that the tumor falls forward when the patient
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(i) Tumors in or about the basal ganglia, if quite small, cannot be
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of acute cystitis are very manifest.
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Ohlorids. — About 10 parts of the chlorids of sodium and potassium in
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delirium, are among the more prominent nervous phenomena. In cer-
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often paroxysmjil and more or less periodic, with disturbances of vision
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^ the greater frequency of certain well-known causes of valvular disease
what does it mean when you lose your hair in the shower
ble, and usually painless. The skin over them is simply elevated, with
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'ague general symptoms, such as muscular and arthritic pains, fever at
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common, though difficult of recognition. The latter condition, as well
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the heart and of the urine should not be overlooked.
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with return to accustomed health by the end of a week or ten days. The
will vitamin b help hair growth
what can cause patches of hair loss in dogs
allowed for thorough action upon the excreta. The urine must be
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»nt or even bulging of the intercostal spaces, may result from the pres-
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muscles exhibit hyaline degeneration ; and abscesses, in consequence of
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are concerned in the causation or not, remains to be determined. Since
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C/nn}f/*'S hi the Xet'i/hborhh/ Orf/ttvH, — So long as the normal retrac-
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freshly made, as follows : To 10 or 15 c.c. of a 2 per cent, aqueous
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