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polar manner and were decolorised by Gram. The heart's blood
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nities — if they are not improved, the loss is irreparable, — no future industry,
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«. Nencki: Berlchte d. Deutsch. Chem. Ges., Bd. 8, S. 336.
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> London Medical Gazette, Jan, 26, 1839, p. 638.
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lation of the left inferior extremity. Both inferior extremities were much
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into the blood. There would seem to be either two forms of dia-
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Union Pacific Ballroad Company; Surseon, Union Pacific
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whether taken in moderation or excess, and summarize
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peal" to the people of Pennsylvania, to vi^hich reference has been made in
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Later on mercury and iodid of mercury should be used. A
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were 2 negative and 11 positive reactions. While these
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she would express great uneasiness and rave worse than before. About a
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surgeons might have brought out the story of trauma.
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an indefinite character, but which soon developed into
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instance, cannabis indica, cotton-root bark, culver's
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urine found after hypodermic injections. Toxic quantities
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development, and multiply to incalculable proportions,
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sion. The exlirpation of the gland occupied fifty-nine minutes, and upon a
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favorable, the procedure was repeated on any exacerbation of
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nate results; and the commotion produced in the air by the rapidity of the
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To us the " observations" seem to possess no value whatever; but rather
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well-attested instances), there are certain medicinal remedies whose
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lose mlt electrlsohem Llcht and Sauerstoff. W. Freudenthal.
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Orange Memorial Hospital has appointed Drs. William B.
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another surgeon for appendicitis, and the subsequent periton-
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more,) Professor in Transylvania University. Published at the request of
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than a year and a half he has remained quite well. He has grown fat and
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domestic animals do not ordinarily suppurate. Tuber-
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Ma&Blaugbt«r — ^Dylng Declaratfons — Physician's Dutv.
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the space usually occupied by it. Probably, however, that small process of
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violence on the breast, concurring, must be regarded as decisive. There is
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He owned a terrier slut that lived to be some seven or eight years old
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stoves. Carcinoma frequently develops in pre-existing
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has been «losed. During the last two seasons 424 smallpox pa-
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At 10 o'clock of the 3d, whilst standing grating horse-radish, felt faint;
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fifth fype is gangrenous and diphtheritic, usually fatal from