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Third year students who fail in either Medicine or Surgery

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for one to approach the study with an open mind, with the simple

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treated with vaccines led to the belief that this method of treat-

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large as an orange. Dec. 2, 1902, operation; gas-ether.

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"With a skiagraph one learns something of the size of the foreign body

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of peace which advance civilization than for the victories of war

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in primary pernicious anemia. — Archives of Internal Medicine,

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fixed in Weigert's glia mordant and Flemming's solution, and

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ate between 101 and 103 F. A test for the Widal reaction, made

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mechanical and chemical, and with the medico-legal relations

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mill workers is an economic asset for a manufacturing establishment.

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Arthur William Meyer. Retrogressive changes in the fetal vessels

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Fig. 4. — Coronal section taken just behind the anterior commissure and

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we are always and only as old as our arteries seems

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position ; the rigor mortis was well developed. All

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Roswell E. Flack. Conclusions from one year's exepriences with

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work in the surgical laboratories. The members of this

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ing with the insane, the various State laws regarding same, we find

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from the operative interference instituted for its relief, but they do

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decidedly to our detriment. Bearing in mind this fact, more

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1907 ; Honorary Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 1912 ;

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substance. The desideratum, however, is a simple, straightforward

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second trimester, in the pathological laboratory and at Bay

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ods, including sigmoidoscopic and fluoroscopic examinations.