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sible : the features are swollen, puffy, and dusky in color ; the eyes

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SyphiliB must be carefully excluded by the history, symptoms, aad

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being toward the sound side. This only takes place in cases that have

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Uremic symptoms should be treated as in acute Bright's disease by

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pearance of the rash, convalescence begins and the child rapidly regains

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neurological complaints. In these situations, benign noninvasive screening proce-

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amounts, and if the patient be so severely ill that almost constant inhala-

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tained in the abscess ; the presence of the latter also causes a zone of

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lence of the disease, which is in abeyance not onlv during the winter,

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rhages from the mucous membranes are more copious than in scurvy.

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observed here. It must not be forgotten, however, that in some districts

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active delirium, hyoscin hydrobromate (gr. j^ — 0.0006) has been tried

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attacks may supervene, and that relapses may occur in apparently favor-

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openings on the sides, and it should be marked at a point 23.5 to 2o.o

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nineteenth century, by Bayle and Laennec, of the tuberculous new

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observed this tumor to disappear by .spontaneous resolution in children.

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perienced. The reflexes may be lost at first, but soon retnm, and be-

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reflex contraction of the sphincter on exposure of the eye to light;

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The direct and crossed pyramidal columns constitute the great motor

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in the region of the neck and occiput and down the left arm. When the

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the convulsions or they may be preceded by "uremic chills." In some

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appears about the face, neck, and chest, while a purpuric rash is not in-

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The Mesenteric Glands, — Changes in the mesenteric glands occur

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(Hoffman) and elsewhere also, sweeping through prisons, barracks, alms-

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and avoid whatever tends to aggravate in the slightest degree the lesion

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hermpeutic activities that bas been obtained from the thyroid gland of the sheep by

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wet- or dry-cupping, leeches or venesection, ergot, opium or gallic acid

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Complications. — There may be developed by direct extension sec-