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eration (hemogenesis) is overbalanced. The latter may be normal in

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Arthritis. — This may arise at any period in the course of pneumonia,

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rectly relieving the congestion of the peritoneum, thus promoting a

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at least. When defervescence is much prolonged and the patient be-

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Membranous stomatitis may also be due to gonorrheal or svphilitic in-

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litis rest in bed is often sought without direction. Bland nourishing

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form of delirium occurs in paroxysnjs that are most apt to appear at

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are made in behalf of policyholders in cases where physicians seek to recover

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dividual patient. It is rarely necessary to go below 80° F. (26.6° C),

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nin, which he did. Recovery was the prompt result. £rb and others

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ascites make sufficient upward pressure against the diaphragm to canse

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of the muscular and tactile senses, plus the muscular wasting, is most

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cases run tli<;ir entire course without manifesting diarrhea. The latter

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stage, it has shifted to McBurney s point later. On the other hand,

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The eifusion may be enormous on the one hand or insignificant on the

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(5) Finally, latent and insidious chronic nephritis may be the cause

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physical signs should be practised with the patient in the erect posture

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stabbing chest-pains, the dyspnea, the peculiar type of breathing, the

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area being especially prominent, with an obliteration of the natural de-

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catarrhal lesions of the intestines, and particularly the large bowel, and in

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In aortic regurgitation the presence of a presystolic thrill and mur-

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eral, the clinical history is one of increasing and intractable constipa-

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Percussion ^ives negative results. Auscultation usually reveals a double

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F. William Dowda, M.D., Atlanta, President; C. Emory Bohler, M.D., Brooklet,

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idual cases is of considerable importance, as confirming the more

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traumatism, or that due to pressure of the fetal head in a prolonged labor;

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should always excite suspicion of this disease. In the male, balanitis

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night be confounded. The presence of small vesicles or ulcers and the*

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bowel. This diverticulum is the remains of the fetal omphalo-mesen-