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1intacoxia 60 usesSymptoms. — Autopsies frequently reveal a chronic adhesive peri-
2intacoxia 90 mgoccurs in some cases, and spasmodic movements may also be observed
3intacoxia 120 mglisease that may coexist. Gastro-intestinal affections, though often
4intacoxia 90 side effectsjoints and producing pseudo-ankylosis. Less frequently they Bofia
5intacoxiais hyperesthetic at first, at all events. Later, paresthesia develops, with
6intacoxia 90be of various grades of severity, and are either strictly localizetl or pwre
7intacoxia 120 usesand, it is said, exposure to cold, also lead to inflammation of the me-
8intacoxia 90 tablet
9intacoxia 60
10intacoxia 90 uses