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The lesions of the caeca are in substance a thickening

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more normal position ; after the third application menstruation

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of any derivation of urea directly from food) have made remark-

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lungs. If the brain is affected the animal becomes restless,

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the sea coast, during the autumnal season, which was complied

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might be detailed, in which the subsidence and arrest of the

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severe contagious fevers and the severe tissue-inflammations,

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there are two prominent reasons why external pressure succeeds

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to a white heat, and be kept incandescent for any length of time,

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thy of the deepest consideration. We can sive — the nearer we can get to the real rav-

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Dr. Taylor has resigned from the Staff of The State Hospital at Morganton

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The second case, that of a youth 16 years ease, but that pleurisy itself is capable of

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make a positive diagnosis, viz : the exami- know that the passage of a catheter fre-

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under thirty grains in the twenty-four hours is of any avail.

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set in, when we are called upon to operate, gy, under, ''Nature of Lymphadenoma,

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easily happen during the first days that the cattle are in the

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disturbed respiration soon becomes as regular as in natural sleep.

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weaned, the breast should be returned to. If from any reason a

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Nitzsche, F. R Die Heilung der Storungen in der Blut-

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expression is that of pain and despair. Paralysis appears in

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of pain at the root of the penis and strangury. The blistered

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ease. According to Sandwith (1S94), a the Hygienic Laboratory, U. S. Public

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family to such an extent that medical treat- "break-down." It is not medicine they

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The bladder irritation was such that on her providing the drainage is uninterrupted;

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not above 6 or 7 per cent, of absolute alcohol, and at the same

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intermittent and remitfc of the congesto- irritant forms, and

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Treatment of Phthisis and Diphtheritis with Carbolic Acid .... 247

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Kauzfeld, and Kitt. It is found in the '-"^"•i|)>>0o "

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hitherto difficult branch of practice than any surgeon living.)

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bility, torpor, and inactivity, proportioned to the intensity and

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to the degree of excitement, and the nature and seat of the disease.

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examined in fresh condition or in sections of tissue fixed in