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Health Planning, has been promoted to the position of

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The mental disturbance is usually slight. Dulness and stupor are

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ulcers is common ; and calcareous deposits are frequently seen in old casei.

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For the tonic contraction of the muscles, especially when associated

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may be determined by inflation with air or gas. Again, after the injec-

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gr(*ater part correct, to the effect " that the so-called phthisical habit is

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of alcoholic origin. In these cases the diagnosis is more difficult if tli«

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ber in the latter. Again, in the former variety general symptoms, as

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Definition. — Constriction of the left auriculo-ventricular orifice,

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latter instance the lung has been compressed for a longer period of time.

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healthv. The demands of hygiene cannot, under less exacting condi-

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render intelligible the physical signs encountered. There is dulness, thoagk

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patients should eat oftener than in health, taking four or five meals in the

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(Roberts). A single tapping may be sufficient, though rarely is this the

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spleen is decidedly enlarged, and about the eighth day of the disease a

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present by re-examinations at intervals. There are not a few cases in

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a roller bandage. Blisters near to the joints involved and the light

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erical females. Though these bleedings are accompanied by cough, it is

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[n some instances the symptoms soon become aggravated, to be followed,

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of respiratory stimulants, of which the best are oxygen by inhalation,

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and the result of the local action of the bacilli or their chemical

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partially recovers; the other one then becomes paralyzed, and par-

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which in my experience usually does not exceed 15 to 20 drops (0.999)