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form the cardiac plexus. The vagus contains both accelerator and in-
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the latter is of mild grade — as, for example, in the case of the sero-fibrin-
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after the reception of the bite and persisted. The usual premonitory
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able to cure and often gloomy as to life, the clinician should not hesitate
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intussusception are the outer or receiving, called the intuBBuscipiens^
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covering that the virus of the disease could be obtained in a pure state
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wet-nurse may infect the mouths of suckling babes, or, vice versd, the
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pain, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea. The temperature may be quite
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and hysteria; (g) mechanical causes, straining efforts, intense paroxvsms
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plexion to a marked degree. The spleen is enormously enlarged and
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Treatment. — Since emaciation and loss of perirenal fat is a fre-
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cells may thus vary from 1 to 150 down to 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 in the aver-
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the lessened amount of pain, fever, and cachexia in the latter disease.
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riorly or in the infra-axillary region, and a little later there is dulness.
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thus escaped the slight toxic symptoms (tinnitus, deafness, nausea, etc.)
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allows the lower centers free play. They also tend to undergo shorten-
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Defective expansion is observed early, and usually at the apex of the
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jerks. Autopsies were made upon the first two. More or less complete
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eration, however, since it would do harm in embolism and thrombosis.
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ily in which I have instituted my plan of thorough treatment : A child of
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firom a scanty menstruation, beginning late in the ^' teens,'' but it should
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relative frequency, the condition is produced by the acute progressive