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prognosis is on the whole very bad, not a few of the more chronic cases
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height the cases become more numerous. This dictum, however, has
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tective action, except in the case of cultures on ox-serum, which, when
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ttomach and of the left lobe of the liver will be referred to under the
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proximal side to the contracted branches on the distal side. If of
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the first day of the affection. During a later period palpation confirms
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Treatment. — The dietary embraces only nitrogenous articles of food,
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(6) U-astrO'inteatinal Disturbances, — The symptoms referable to the
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of a serous liquid, and the lowest of a thick sediment, that presents a
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etiology. — Predisposing Oanses. — (a) Doubtless there are congenital
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the process in its completest development. The depth to which the
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the lining epithelium whilst the encephaloid and scirrhous are new
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ztensive cavity-formation often occurs. Less frequently, a lobe or an
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(8) Compulsory registration of tuberculous (pulmonary) patients is
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dulness or a tympanitic resonance on percussion, and broncho-vesicular
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media, with deafness and otorrhea as the chief symptoms. The skull
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ing eyeballs are, according to Hutchinson, among frequent manifesta-
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softening ; and, finally, they may excite acute tuberculous meningitis.
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render the fetus inviable. The unilateral variety may be overlooked
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The subjoined formulae are also rationally and empirically service-
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Pathology. — The anatomic changes are most marked near the py-
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well-marked -bronchitis may be the result. It may be said, however,
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serous and decomposing particles that have been regurgitated.
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(1) Progressive weakness, ultimately paralysis of the upper extremi-
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fter Failure of Compensation. — Failure of compensation implies
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of a hemorrhagic diathesis (hemophilia) or in purpura and scurvy, may
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Bespiratory System. — Epistaxis may be a serious symptom. Sudden
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Thrombosis^ and less frequently embolism, in the arteries, combined
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making an appropriate anodyne application (ungt. ichthyol or ungt. bella-
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decolorized, the surface at first resembling granite in color, and later
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renal tubules, or they may be composed of soft hyaline (mucous) casts,
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the (1) albuminuric, (2) syphilitic, and (3) pigmentary, though Bmdenell
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«en, though they are infreijuent. A prominence of the mucous glands,
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Eatient is languid, and prostration is prominent ; he suffers much from