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circulation gradually arise, and when the breathing becomes more diffi-
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amination of the blood, which is thin and dark, but there is no leukocy-
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(4) Renal stones composed of cystin^ xanthin^ carbonate of lime, fatty
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orate the system and to render normal the constitution of the blood : but
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When testing for bile-acids the Stranburger modification of Petten-
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cates an extreme degree of destruction of this gland (Fitz). A cachectic,
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** There develops a rather sudden swelling of one eyebrow, with puffiness
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In the secretory neuroses an associated membranous enteritis mut
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income over expenses at the time of the annual audit
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These nuclei correspond to the multipolar ganglion-cells of the an-
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rated into two layers — an upper, clear, greenish-yellow serous, and a
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{vide Clinical Varieties) the tendency to hemorrhage and peritonitis is
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biology. — M^ni^re's disease is most common after thirty, and is
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elosions that during the second stage the pulse is small, feeble, and irreg-
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implicated, as shown by the anemia (of the pernicious type in some ca5e«l
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sually cumbersome. If the case be of an aggravated type and the cir-
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yaipelas, variola, and varicella. It is not uncommon as a complication
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Wright*8 findings, but others have met with contrary results.
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greater part of the course. From the time of onset there is gradual
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serum antagonistic to the toxin of erysipelas. Experimentally, the
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caused by some such inflammatory disturbance as enteritis or peritonitis,
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vented. It is important also to remember that persons who have been
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electricity and massage, judiciously employed, will hasten recovery.
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is sometimes absent after a copious intestinal hemorrhage, as well as in
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nephritis or to urinary calculi in the renal tubules. The direct cause of
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often elongated and edematous (jelly-like) uvula to one side ; or if both
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generation is rarely met with. The blood-vessels show more or less
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a swelling appears which quickly passes into suppuration ; later it opens
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The first type of kidney to be mentioned is the large white kidney
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The former affections can be discriminated only by a correct appreciation
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Idiosyncrasy has a positive influence, the ingestion of certain substances
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dantly shown by the great reduction in the mortality-rate among those
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cocci, staphylococci, etc.) commonly occurs in tbe various organs of the
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is a tenderness both over the bony surfaces and the soft parts, so that the
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ProgfllOSiS. — The prognosis is always grave, though rarely recovery
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(1) Local Tubercnlons Adenitis. — {a) Cervical. — This is the most fre-
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dant hemorrhage or more frequently from either exhaustion or asphyxia.
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etc. In this category may also be included epistaxis due to fracture ai
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mode of living, the attention of the physician should be primarily 'i:-