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vice as Treasurer of this organization (at that point,
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local throat-poison ; yet there is undoubtedly a period in whooping-
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therefore be an aid to the observer to recollect the familiar fact that
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spleen itself. Acute proliferative or hyperplastic splenitis {acute splenic
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Definition. — An obstructive accumulation of urinary fluid in the
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the clinical evidences of tricuspid incompetency develop, then pulmo-
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ter of the etiologic affection, but intestinal catarrh invariably renders
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diseases, and in not a few cases develops in seemingly healthy subjects.
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contain a small percentage of albumin and tube-casts, the whole tnia
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Dr. Kernodle said that “considerable funds have al-
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Arsenic'poisonvuj and other forms o^ g astro-enteritis must be discrimi-
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amorphous urates. It is not dissolved by heat, however, though soluble
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tli<' therapeutic importance of the oil while other measures— dietetic, hy-
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metallic quality, simulating somewhat the bleating of a goat {Laennecs
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the trabcculne may be thickened by a considerable amount of firm eoa-
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of a uniform bright scarlet color. If we examine more closely, we find
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excretion through the skin, kidneys, and bowels tends to produce gout
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Definition. — The presence of blood-pigments, especially methemo-
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stage, provided an epidemic be prevailing, are the sudden onset, head-
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the true explanation of this combination of diseases.'* In a few in-
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are pathogenic ; and occasionally, when infection occurs in this manner,
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(2) XJlceratiye Inflammation. — Like the preceding, this variety may
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become accelerated later. Cardiac hypertrophy of a slight degree may
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according as it is due to cicatricial contraction following ulceration or to
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both of protecting and of curing susceptible animals which had been in-
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Thi'i'e is a *rreat tolerance of alcohol in this disease, and in the pneu-
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ditis with effusion the upper and left limits of dulness are not stationarr.
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absorbed through the skin, it has been combined with other agents tat
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echinococcus are demonstrable in the sputum. Besides being evacuated
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upon it as thin filaments. This condition is met with in syphilis,
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degenerative changes of varying degrees in the posterior columns. In
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condition bears a close resemblance to a lupus patch, as in a case
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flowed to inhale the steam by placing the mouth over the narrow neck
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or even faint. Modification of the sounds just described occurs when
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or greenish-brown, or even black color. Although sometimes diline,
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