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From hemorrhagic small-pox typhus is sometimes distinguished with
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examination often reveals the source in cases in which a previous diag-
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loeis must be made of acute insufiiciency of the ostium mitralis occurring
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Bpheroid in shape, and project into the left ventricle when found at
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spleen, to tight-lacing, relaxation of the ligaments, and traumatism :
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18 a diagnositic agent in animals. Its injection into horses sufferin^j
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aneurysm of the arch of the aorta, thyroid tumors, etc. — i. e. conditions
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tympanitic or amphoric note is sometimes elicited over a dilated bronchos.
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Carlsbad, Ilomburg, Ems, Kissingen, Aix, Buxton, and Bath, and in
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recommended that the Foundation submit to it a detailed annual activities report.
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pancreatitis. The course may last longer, however, so that death may
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right ventricle is increased. The right ventricle, in seeking to overcome
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They may also show more or less swelling, and are often very tender to
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motor region. Owing to extensive sensory compensation, however, very
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circulation is also re-established. It has also been recommended to ad-
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ing to the statistical studies of Byron Bramwell, the tricuspid valve is
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the two extremes of life. Carcinoma of the kidney is usually of the soft
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spleen, rose-colored spots, diarrhea, tympanites, and a liability to cer-
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or to metastasis, but these will be considered later at sufficient length
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Mensuration shows a steady diminution in the size of the side in-
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the fecal matter in the bowel. Epithelium from the mucous membrane,
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jaratively mild chronic form is, though rarely, met with in children.
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or surfaces of dulness, most marked near the bases of the lungs and
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searched fur : the rational symptoms are least in value, though usually
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stenosis. Boys are somewhat more liable to congenital affections of (be
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irritation, purulent inflammation and ulceration prevail, and the kidney-
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Delegates that the reports and resolutions referred
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more fatal in females than in males. In the debilitated the danger is
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of a solution of mercuric chlorid. In view of the fact that the strep-
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that occur in the course of these cases, more or less hemiparesis commonly
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give the busy practitioner neither any encouragement to resort to it nor